Power of iron efficient heater for sale

Power of Iron Efficient Heater

The power of iron efficient heater is one of the most essential equipment in wrought iron industry. It is mainly used for heating wrought iron materials. Only to need several seconds, the materials can be heated. The iron efficient power heater replaces the traditional heating with coal or gas by using the electromagnetic coil. It can process various materials like flat iron and square steel. Several wrought iron machines need to use this power saving heater to heat their processed materials first, for example, wrought iron fishtail end forging machine, electric make coil machine for metal craft, automatic hydraulic rolling coil machine etc.

Power of iron efficient heater for sale
Power of iron efficient heater

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EL-GP-IV-36 power of iron efficient heater

The EL-GP-IV-36 type is a high-tech products by using resonant principle to combine the pulse frequency control technology with large-capacity high-speed switching element. The main circuit of this product uses IGBT devices, so it revolutionizes the older generation of high-frequency equipment which is characterized by electronic oscillating tube. The heating machine is suitable for heating the welding section under the 20cm2 in various occasions. It is also applied to heating small metal parts such as the pinion gear and shafts or the metal smelting such as melting gold and silver.

Power of iron efficient heater manufacturer
Power of iron efficient heater for sale


Max work ability
Flat iron ≤10x60mm
Square steel ≤20x20mm
Other work piece diameter ≤30mm
Voltage: 380V-50HZ
Output surge electric current: 300A-1400A
Input voltage range: 320V-420V
Input electric current: 4-36A
Packing size: 1050x680x1520mm
N.W: 230KGS
G.W: 260KGS
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Features of EL-GP-IV-36 model

1. Quickly heating. It only needs 10 seconds to heat one 20cm2 section material.
2. Electricity consumption. The power heater can save the power of 60% than other electronic tube-type equipment.
3. The indecorum can be disassembly and assembly. So it is suitable for various kinds of work pieces.
4. Auto-refrigeration system. After heating the materials, the machine’s indecorum can be cooled down quickly.
5. Full protection device. The device possesses the sound and light alarm system when it is in over-voltage, water shortage and overcurrent conditions.

Attentions about this kind of power of iron efficient heater

1. It would be best to wrap the wet towel or cotton to the along the inside of indecorum to prevent the heated materials from producing sparks with the indecorum.
2. After using the machine, please turn off the power in time though our body won’t be harmed by the heating machines.

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