Steel Cutting Machine

Steel cutting machine is mainly used to cut through the wrought iron materials. It has multiple usages and can be used in various occasions. Our Ellsen iron steel cutting machine has light weight, low price and high quality. In recent years, it has been widely exported abroad. As a desirable equipment for cutting, it wins numerous approvals from the customers.

steel cutting machine
GQ40 steel cutting machine

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EL-QD40 cutting machine is produced based on JG/5085-1996. It is applied to process all kinds of steel materials. Under normal circumstance, the machine is applied to some decorative works to cut off the flat iron, square steel, round steel and angle iron. And at the same time, it can also be used for cutting off the common carbon steel, hot-rolled round bar and deformed bars in construction projects. This cutting machine for steel can be as an ideal equipment in the decorative industry and construction industry.

steel cutting machine
GQ40 steel cutting machine


Max Cutting Ability
Round steel: Φ40mm
II-grade deformed rebar: Φ32mm
Flat Steel: 70x15mm
Square Steel: 32x32mm
Angle Steel: 50x50mm
Frequency: 32time s/min
Motor power: 3KW
Rated Voltage: 220V~480V
Dimension(mm): 1250×500×730
Weight: 450kg
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Main detail features of EL-QD40 steel cutting machines

1. The steel bar cutting machine is in small size and light weight. Its structure is compact so the machine is solid and reliable.
2. Our machine has better lubricating property. It is in a high producing efficiency. So it not only save time but also save effort. It can work almost two months after refueling 5-8kg gear oil.
3. This kind of cutting steel machine adopts good quality copper wire motor and enhanced machine rack so that the machine has a stable performance. To a certain extent, it reduces labor intensity.
4. Possessing with a reasonable design, the steel cutting equipment is small in size and stable in its performance. Thus, the machine can be moved conveniently and its front wheel steers flexible and is easy to maintain.

rebar cutting machine
GQ40 steel cutting machine

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Attentions for steel cutting machines

1. Please clear up the debris around the machine’s blades.
2. Pay attention to the temperature of motor, bearing and bushings. Their temperature can’t more than degrees, otherwise the machine should be repaired.
3. Keep the machine appearance clean and free from dirt and rust.
4. Once the machine start to work, please stay away from the material outlet.

steel bar cutting machine
GQ40 steel cutting machine

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Why choose our Ellsen iron steel cutting machines?

All parts are manufactured strictly in accordance with ministerial standard. The machine’s gears are processed with high-frequency quenching so that the machine has large carrying capacity, stable security performance and prominent reliability. During the steel cutting machines’ working time, the operators don’t need to consider its safety and reliability. All things will be OK if the operators operate it according to the description of products.

The steel cutting machines have beautiful appearance for delicately manufacturing and polishing and painting. Its axis and gear are made of special materials through special treatment which makes the machine lower noise than other manufacturers’ products.

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