wrought iron basket making machine

Wrought Iron Basket Making Machine

Wrought iron basket making machine is one kind of machine integrating pretzel shape and flower basket twisting, which is prominent as the one of the most useful and artistic wrought iron equipment. Since it appeared in the market, the wrought iron basket ornamental machine has got many approvals from our customers. On the one hand, the machine has high quality and low price and is easy to operate. On the other hand, especially in today’s high standard life requirements, the finished products showing various patterns are widely used in decorative markets. So the program controlled (two-in-one) torsion and twist machine changes our monotonous living circumstance to art life.

wrought iron basket birdcase making machine
EL-DN25D wrought iron basket making machine

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EL-DN25D twisting basket wrought iron machine

EL-DN25D twist and basket making machine is improved based on the EL-DN25B which is the original electric torsion and twist machine. The program of the machine is automatic correction so that it guarantees the consistency of rapid production in batch and the finished products. For our wrought iron basket birdcage making machine, the basket twisting mechanism can be exchanged with the tailstock of the original machine.

wrought iron basket making machine
Wrought Iron Basket Making Machine


Max work ability
Length ≤200-800mm
Specification ≤25x25mm
Square steel :6x6mm,7x7mm,8x8mm
Round steel: ф6mm,ф8mm
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 380V/415V/220V
Packing size: 1500x700x1400mm
N.W: 550KGS
G.W: 600KGS
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The dies come with the EL-DN25D model:

1. 6 sets for square steel:
25*25, 20*20, 18*18, 16*16, 14*14, 12*12
2. 3 sets for flat iron:
30*8, 20*6, 16*4
3. 4 sets for basket:
2 sets for 口16*16, the size of basket: H150*W80, H140*W 70(mm)
2 sets for口 12*12, the size of basket: H130*W60, H100*W 50(mm)

To twist the wrought iron basket can be divided into three steps

First, taking apart the stretching slide guide of the twist tail stock.
Second, pushing on the flower basket mechanism.
Third, connecting it with the original power outlet.

If the operators want to twist pretzel, they only need to replace the tail stock. So the wrought iron basket making machine has become such program controlled (two-in-one) torsion and twist machine that can twist both wrought iron basket and pretzels.

The special function of twisting basket is our wrought iron basket making machine’s notable feature. To put several square steels or round steels together, and through the operation of the machine, the materials will be twisted in the same radian. And then, by turning the finished materials, they can be formed in the flower basket shape. We also call it bird cage because the finished product is like such shape. The wrought iron baskets are widely used in the decoration of our gates, windows, and various place needed to decorate.

EL-DN25E wrought iron birdcage machine

EL-DN25E basket making machines
EL-DN25E basket making machines

Max Twisting size
Square steel ≤25x25mm
Lantern twisting size
square steel:
Round steel:
Working travel: 120mm
Oil Pump Motor power: 3HP
Output Rotational speed: 13 R/min
Power: 3KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing size: 1570x720x1230mm
N.W: 550KGS
G.W: 600KGS
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 The dies together with the EL-DN25E steel twisting machine

1. twisting dies : 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm

2. basket with 4 pcs wire : 6x6mmx4 ;  8x8mmx4

3. twisting with 8pcs wire: 6x6mmx8

Why choose our Ellsen wrought iron basket making machines?

First, we have a professional team to research and develop our product. We pay attention to the latest news about decorative market and work hard to meet the customers’ demands. The finished products including decoration wrought iron basket and pretzels are well appreciate by the customers.

Second, we offer high quality and low price twisting basket wrought iron machine. We treat every procedures strictly including the procedure of manufacturing and components choosing.

Third, our Ellsen Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier for processing the wrought iron machines. In recent years, our machinery struggle to develop our core technology to improve our machine’s quality and usage. We have won a lot of praises from outside.


wrought iron basket making machine finished products
wrought iron basket making machine finished product

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