Hydraulic moulder wrought iron work machine

Wrought Iron Hydraulic Moulder

The wrought iron hydraulic moulder is one kind of automatic hydraulic moulder mainly used for moulding various steel materials like square steel, round steel and flat iron into different shapes. After moulding, the machine moulds the materials into round, arc and angle etc. This wrought iron hydraulic moulder smith machine is commonly found in wrought iron industry, furniture industry, municipal garden industry and construction industry. As one professional and reliable cast iron metal mold machine suppliers, Ellsen gives you best service. The finished products are warmly welcomed by the customers.

wrought iron hydraulic moulde
Wrought iron hydraulic moulde

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EL-DY16A wrought iron hydraulic moulder

EL-DY16A hydraulic moulder machine is able to extrude the thick square steel, round steel and flat iron into round, arc, angle and some different shapes at one time. With high production efficiency and consistency of finished products, the hydraulic iron bar molding machine can be the ideal equipment in wrought iron work.

wrought iron hydraulic moulder
EL-DY16A wrought iron hydraulic moulder

Max work ability
Flat iron ≤10x50mm
Round steel ≤ф16mm
Square Steel ≤16x16mm
Power: 7.5KW
Voltage: 380V/415V/220V
Packing size: 1300x700x1400mm
N.W: 550KGS
G.W: 600KGS
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Advantages of EL-DY16A automatic hydraulic moulder

1. Irregular iron craftwork can be moulded and processed by the iron moulder machine at one time.
2. The wrought iron work piece has a better consistency, which can be processed in batch.
3. The metal craft hydraulic moulder has a high working efficiency. It is easy and simple to change the moulds for various patterns.
4. Manual control and foot switch. So the cast iron metal mold machine for sale can be operated conveniently.
5. Safe and reliable. This hydraulic forming wrought iron machine adopts good quality parts to make the machine solid and reliable. So hydraulic molding machine is not only safe and reliable, but also has a long working life.
6. Mechanically designed with proper structure. So the hydraulic mold is convenient to operate and easy to maintain as well as the expedient die and holding device are replaced easily.
7. The working deck plate is made with rational size and reasonable location in order to ensure that it is applicable to 90% iron craftwork parts of various sizes in wrought iron industry.

4 sets dies coming with Ellsen flat iron hydraulic moulder

1 set for angle bending and round stewing, 1 set for arc arching and alignment, 2 sets for extruding moulding.

hydraulic moulder dies
hydraulic moulder die

Why choose Ellsen?

Since built up, our Ellsen machinery has been accepted well by our clients for our unremitting efforts as the one of most prominent hydraulic mold suppliers in producing the best quality wrought iron hydraulic moulder in low cast iron metal mold machine price We have set up a high level research team to improve our machine from the beginning, and have made great accomplishment. We have consistently held “Customers first” and tried to meet their demands. In recent years, we have got a lot of praises from our customers. The steel molding machine will be your good choice.

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